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AI Surgery Advances: Nvidia & Johnson & Johnson Team Up

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Johnson & Johnson and Nvidia are teaming up to create new artificial intelligence (AI) tools for surgery. They want to make surgeries safer and more efficient.

Nvidia’s Kimberly Powell says they’re going to use AI in different stages of surgery, from before it starts to after it’s done. This will give surgeons all the information they need. For example, they’re using AI to watch surgical videos and do the boring paperwork automatically.

AI Surgery Advances: Nvidia & Johnson & Johnson Team Up

Powell explains that they can use all kinds of data from the operating room, like video and voice recordings, to make AI better. J&J’s MedTech unit makes tools for things like heart problems and strokes, used in millions of surgeries yearly. Powell says Nvidia has been working in medicine for more than ten years.

Shan Jegatheeswaran from J&J says one minute of surgical video is as detailed as 25 CT scans. With better technology, surgeons can share and learn from these videos more easily. This means new doctors can learn faster, like athletes watching their game recordings.

Powell says they’re just starting, and it’ll take time to make these AI tools perfect. But even simple things like filling out paperwork can be faster with AI. She says everyone should be excited because this technology will help all medical staff have the best tools.

Source: CNBC