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Apple Academy Offers AI Training to Students and Alumni

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Today, Apple announced it will train all Apple Developer Academy students and mentors on using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and tools. Former students of the academy, known as alumni, will also have the chance to join this training. The new curriculum will be available to thousands of students and alumni in 18 Developer Academies across six countries. This initiative aims to provide more opportunities for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs interested in careers in the growing iOS app market and beyond.

The AI curriculum is now a key part of the academy’s program, adding to essential skills in coding, professional development, design, and marketing taught worldwide. This curriculum helps students gain important skills to support local businesses and communities. The academy’s courses also include Apple’s values, promoting inclusive design and positive impact.

“At Apple, we believe coding is a universal language that empowers developers, creators, and entrepreneurs around the world. We are excited to introduce AI and other new technologies into our curriculum and look forward to seeing what students create,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.

Starting this fall, every Apple Developer Academy student will learn how to build, train, and deploy machine learning models on Apple devices. The courses will cover AI basics, Core ML, and how to create and train AI models from scratch. Students will work on projects with help from mentors and over 12,000 alumni worldwide.

New Apple technologies and APIs announced at WWDC24 will also be available to students, giving them more tools to build great projects and apps. This includes Xcode 16, which improves developer productivity, Swift Assist for coding tasks, and Swift 6, which makes programming easier and clearer.

Apple supports students at every stage, from learning app development basics in the global Foundations program to advancing their skills at Apple Developer Academies and taking their apps to the next level.

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