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Google Engineer Charged with Stealing AI Secrets for China

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A man from China who worked as a computer expert at Google in California has been accused by the US government of taking valuable artificial intelligence (AI) secrets from Google. The person, Ding Linwei, allegedly worked secretly for Chinese companies while at Google.

Google engineer charged with stealing AI secrets while working for Chinese groups

Ding Linwei, a 38-year-old from China, started working at Google in 2019 on the software used in their powerful data centers. According to the charges revealed in a California federal court on Wednesday, Ding secretly took “trade secrets” from Google’s network between May 2022 and May 2023. During this time, it is claimed he uploaded over 500 files with confidential information.

The stolen technology is said to involve the fundamental elements of Google’s AI system. As an employee, Ding had access to Google’s private information about hardware, software, and AI models. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 for each of the four counts of theft.

Google responded by stating that they have strict measures to prevent theft of their confidential information. After discovering the theft, they reported the case to law enforcement and thanked the FBI for their assistance.

This incident adds to growing concerns about the relationship between Silicon Valley and China. The US government is taking steps to limit American investments in certain Chinese technology sectors to protect sensitive information from falling into the hands of the Chinese military. Google is part of a competitive field investing large sums in developing AI products.

During his time at Google, Ding allegedly had connections with two Chinese tech companies, helping to raise money for one of them during a trip to China. He is also accused of founding his own AI and machine learning company in China. The charges suggest that Ding took steps to avoid detection by Google’s security systems and even let another Google employee use his work access badge to make it seem like he was working in the US when he was actually in China.

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