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NapoleonCat Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

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Managing the noisy domain of social media is like leading an army, and for today’s business leaders, influencers, and content creators, a strategic social media management is essential to success. In the present-day world of digital marketing landscape, NapoleonCat is a veritable Swiss Army knife.

NapoleonCat offers features from monitoring to publishing to analytics that will increase your presence in the online realm. This article will delve into NapoleonCat’s details about its diverse utilities, merits and demerits of using it while giving you a guide on how to use it effectively as an experienced digital marketer.

What is NapoleonCat?

NapoleonCat is a tool that helps businesses and marketers handle their social media accounts better.It offers tools for scheduling posts, analyzing performance, automating responses, and integrating with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. It aims to streamline social media tasks and improve engagement with audiences.

Features of NapoleonCat

This is an elaborate social media management tool designed for businesses and marketers who want to be more efficient across different platforms. Here are some characteristics that differentiate it from other similar products.

Social Media Monitoring

The first line of defense for a smart social media manager is keeping a keen eye at what’s happening within their industry, on their own pages and those of competitors. NapoleonCat’s real-time social media monitoring helps you see trends and understand how people feel.

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Key components:

Social Mentions: Find out when and where people talk about your brand most often.

Hashtag Tracking: Know how well your campaigns are doing by tracking relevant hashtags.

Competitor Analysis: Get to know what others in your field are doing right or wrong.


NapoleonCat integrate with:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google Business
  • Pinterest
NapoleonCat Review

We’d love to see an option to connect a CRM tool. It might sound complex, but it would enhance customer relationship management and engagement. This integration would give you a better understanding of your audience, allowing you to run more effective campaigns and track your customers’ life cycle from start to finish.

Community Management

Your community must be happy and engaged at all times. There are several tools available on NapoleonCat which help keep you responsive as well as engaging with them.

Most valued functionalities:

Inbox Integration: Minimize response time by managing all your social media interactions in one place.

Automated Moderation: Create rules for automatically hiding or deleting posts containing certain keywords or phrases.

Tagging and Categorization: Keep your community interactions organized for easy reference and follow-up purposes.

Social Media Publishing

A good content strategy translates into being present consistently throughout various platforms. NapoleonCat equips you with features that help to simplify the publishing process.

NapoleonCat review

To add a new post, click the “Create Post” button in the top right corner or select your preferred day. You’ll then see the following overlay.How it makes content creation easy:

Here, you can write your post, add videos and images, schedule it, and assign it to a team member.

Visual Content Calendar: Plan your content visually in a calendar that is easy to understand.

Queue Categories: Categorise your posts and set multiple schedules for each one.

Evergreen Content Recycling: Reposting at optimized intervals will ensure that your best posts are viewed again and again.


Automation can seem uncertain, especially for customer responses. You might wonder if it feels personal and saves time. NapoleonCat uses “if-then” logic to automate replies to repetitive conversations on social media, providing quick feedback and acting as a buffer during crises.

Automated responses work even outside office hours or when you’re away. You can set notifications, but adjust them for serious issues to avoid being disturbed at odd hours.

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Social Media Analytics

Evaluating the effectiveness of your social media efforts helps you refine your approach. NapoleonCat’s analytics dashboards give you data for decision-making.

 NapoleonCat review

What to expect from the analytics suite:

Engagement Metrics: Find out how much interaction your audience has with your content.

Competitive Benchmarking: Compare yourself against competitors or standards in the industry.

Custom Reports: Generate personalized reports focusing on key performance indicators that matter most to you.

Pros and cons of NapoleonCat


  • Multichannel management.
  • Advanced social media analytics.
  • Automating repetitive tasks.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Game-changer for my social media management tasks.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • The pricing plans might be a bit high.
  • The interface is hard to use.
  • The user experience might appear complex initially.

NapoleonCat Pricing

Only pay for what you use by choosing the number of users and profiles. Get a free 2-week trial with no credit card needed.

NapoleonCat Pricing
  • Standard: Starts at $32 per month for 3 profiles and 1 user.
  • Pro: Starts at $76 per month for 3 profiles and 1 user.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing.

Starting price: $32.00 per month
Free trial: Available
Free version: Not available

How NapoleonCat Works?

To begin using NapoleonCat, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up: Go to NapoleonCat’s website and create an account. Choose a plan that fits your needs.
  2. Connect Your Social Media Accounts: After signing up, link your social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to NapoleonCat. This lets NapoleonCat access your accounts for managing and tracking.
  3. Set Up Features: Explore NapoleonCat’s tools, such as scheduling posts and tracking performance. Customize these tools to match your social media strategy.
  4. Learn and Customize: Get familiar with NapoleonCat’s layout and options. Adjust your dashboard and notifications to suit your preferences.
  5. Start Using It: Begin using NapoleonCat to schedule posts, check analytics, interact with your audience, and automate responses as needed. Make changes based on what you learn from the platform.
  6. Explore More Features: Once you’re comfortable, try out advanced features like integrating with CRM tools or using more detailed analytics.

Following these steps will help you get started with NapoleonCat and improve your social media management.

Final Thought

NapoleonCat can revolutionize the social media management through investment in terms of time and monetary value. The platform provides various functionalities that facilitate extensive control of your social media profiles and tactics. You’re not just administrating your social media when you use Napoleon Cat; no you’re ruling it.


How secure is NapoleonCat?

Napoleon Cat has industry-standard security using encryption systems and protocols as well as GDPR compliance with multiple access controls to ensure data protection all through.

Can I use Napoleoncat to automate responses?

Yes, advanced rules set by administrators enables automatic responses on different posts on social media by this software. When there’s too much traffic or one has no choice but to work throughout the day or night this function comes in handy.

Is there an app version for my smartphone?

Currently, there isn’t a stand-alone mobile application specifically designed for users on the move but they can comfortably access all services from their web-enabled smartphones given that web-version is adaptive.