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Pinterest Launches New AI Ad Tools to Boost Performance

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Pinterest has introduced new features for advertisers, including better campaign automation, AI-generated backgrounds, and Promoted Pin collages to show related products.

These updates are designed to make Pins more engaging and effective.

First, Pinterest is testing “Performance+”, an AI-based automated ad campaign tool. This tool will help optimize all aspects of Promoted Pin creation. Instead of relying solely on your own knowledge, you can trust Pinterest’s system to create and match ads to the right audience, aiming to improve results. According to Pinterest, early tests show a 10%+ improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) for Conversion and Catalog sales campaigns, and a 10%+ improvement in cost per click (CPC) for Consideration campaigns. It also reduces the time needed to create campaigns by 50%.

Pinterest is also adding AI-generated backgrounds for product images. This feature will create personalized backgrounds that match the preferred styles and trends of each user, making the product more appealing.

Additionally, Pinterest is integrating features from its “Shuffles” app, allowing advertisers to create collages with product listings. These collages can be promoted as ads, making them more shoppable and discoverable.

These new tools are part of Pinterest’s “Ad Labs” program, where selected brands can test new creative and ad tools, including AI features and interactive shopping capabilities.

Pinterest aims to increase interest in its ad offerings and position itself as a valuable online shopping platform. These new tools provide more ways to align with platform trends and potentially boost engagement. While some marketers may be cautious about automation, these tools offer promising ways to enhance Pin performance.

Source: socialmediatoday