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Social Pill’s New AI Tool Simplifies Ad Self-Declarations

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Social Pill, a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, has launched an AI tool to make it easier for advertisers to complete self-declaration forms. This new tool, built on ChatGPT, aims to cut down the time needed to fill out these forms from 10-15 minutes to just 3 minutes.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that starting June 18, all advertisements must include a self-declaration form. This new rule affects outdoor, print, TV, and digital ads. Many advertisers found this new rule confusing and time-consuming.

To help with this, Social Pill created an AI tool. Advertisers can upload their ad creative to the tool, which then automatically fills out the necessary information for the self-declaration form. This tool currently works for static digital and print ads.

Rajnish Rawat, the co-founder and CEO of Social Pill, said the agency started working on this tool in May after the Supreme Court’s ruling. He believes that advertising should be responsible and that technology can make things easier.

The AI tool is available for free to everyone. Neelesh Pednekar, the co-founder and head of digital media at Social Pill, said they might charge a small fee in the future if they build a custom portal to automate the entire process, but this would only be to cover server and bandwidth costs.

The main goal of the tool is to help brands and agencies save time. It’s not intended to be a commercial product but rather a way to support the advertising community.

A YouTube video from Social Pill shows how to use the tool. Users just need to log in, upload their ad, let the AI analyze it, and then copy and paste the generated details onto the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) portal.

Source: campaignindia