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SocialPilot Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

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Being active on multiple social media platforms at the same time may be quite overwhelming, especially if you have numerous accounts and seek to maintain an engaging and consistent schedule. Nevertheless, with proper tools in place, managing social media can change from a tiresome activity to a more focused and effective process that increases your online presence. One of such tools that has rocked the world of social media is SocialPilot.

Let’s dive deep into this world of SocialPilot, taking you through its features, what you can get from it and where it might disappoint you.

What is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot is all-encompassing tool for handling social media that has been created for businesses, marketing agencies as well as regular persons who want to control their presence in various networks. With user-friendly interface and robust scheduling capabilities, SocialPilot serves as one stop for everything social by helping you post content or engage with users on different platforms while also giving you room for assessing performance. Automating posting process while providing real-time feedback on how your audience perceives content having posted makes sure that the platform abolishes guesswork in digital marketing so that it could focus on actionable results.

Why Does SocialPilot Stand Out?

In terms of innovation and user experience, SocialPilot distinguishes itself from other platforms. The platform has high customer satisfaction rate due to several factors among them being the availability of strong set of features as well as responsive customer support. For individuals who are looking forward towards making most out of their time spent on social media, the idea behind making communication writing and analytics a single point is very appealing.

Features of SocialPilot Tool

If don’t understand every single thing about what SocialPilot offers you are not utilizing it properly. This tool does more than just a basic scheduler; it’s an entire suite for managing your social media with special features for the digital age.

Post Scheduling

Advanced post scheduling is at the core of SocialPilot’s functionality. Users can choose when and which audience to target as well as optimize delivery time. It is a place where bulk scheduling is quick, permitting individuals to upload many posts thus saving the time of those who generate lots of content.

SocialPilot review

The interface for creating posts is neat and user-friendly, with a handy Canva integration that allows you to add pictures or videos from your account. The post preview tool works well, and you can have clients or team members in the account group who can give their input on the content before it goes live.

Analytics and Reporting

In today’s world, one does not need to move from one platform to another just to know how his or her content performs. SocialPilot allows you to have an all-round view of analytics right in your dashboard. Keep track on major metrics including engagement rate, growing audience number, and best posts in order to improve your strategy on social media. For people looking for making smart decisions backed by data that would increase their relevance online, reporting tool is priceless.

The reports cover standard marketing KPIs and present the data in an easy-to-understand visual format. There are also some valuable additional features, such as the ability to see the top influencers who have interacted with your posts and a list of the most popular hashtags you’ve used.

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Social Media Calendar

By giving you a panoramic view of what you’ve planned out on your social media calendar, this particular tool ensures that you do not miss anything. You can either fill gaps instantly or simply re-schedule posts so that they become placed strategically and perfectly timed in order to engage many followers simultaneously.

SocialPilot Social Media Calendar

Team Collaboration

Collaboration within businesses and agencies is key for success in any venture. With it comes greater team collaboration which creates room for members working together within the platform provided by SocialPilot; therefore allowing them to contribute starting from planning campaigns up till reviewing content while still leading thematic workflow among others things.

External Integrations

SocialPilot has a simple approach to integrations, with just over 10 apps. These include URL shortening apps (Bitly, Sniply and Rebrandly), browser extensions, Canva for creating images and DropBox and Box for media uploads.

AI Assistant for Faster Content Creation

The AI assistant recommends appropriate content to be scheduled and published on various platforms. It is not easy finding the best content to share. SocialPilot makes this process easier through its content curation tools that search for relevant information on the internet. These professionals may even share emerging articles, videos, and other material right from their dashboards.

AI Assistant for Faster Content Creation

SocialPilot has a content calendar that allows you to create and share content plans with your team members. You can organize the calendar by groups or accounts, making it easily accessible for everyone on the team.

Client Management

SocialPilot allows agencies and social media managers to keep all their clients in one place. This means that they can create different client workspaces with individual posting schedules and settings. The level of customization ensures personalized attention to each client.

Repurpose Your Top Posts and Templates with the Content Library

The Content Library is a storage feature for content that can be used to create future posts, available only in higher-tier plans. It allows you to browse and reuse saved elements, making it a handy tool.

Customer support

SocialPilot users have various channels to reach the support team. You can use the contact form to make inquiries and attach media files if needed. According to the SocialPilot website, the support team responds within 24 hours. Additionally, you can call or chat directly with a customer representative.

Pros and cons of Socialpilot


  • Affordable.
  • Assistance for customers available to all.
  • Versatile.
  • Time-Saving.
  • Avoid Repetition.
  • Free Access.
  • Sparks creativity and generates content ideas.
  • Quality Consistency.
  • Enhances your creative content generation.


  • The way the interface looks can be made better.
  • There’s no built-in AI image generator or tool for creating visual content; you need to upload or import images from Canva.
  • Scheduling Issues.

SocialPilot Pricing Review

SocialPilot has a pricing structure that scales up as you move to higher tiers, offering more features and higher usage limits. There is no free plan with monthly usage limits; however, they do offer a 14-day trial. This trial allows you to test any feature on the platform, helping you make an informed decision before selecting the plan that suits you best. Let’s examine each plan in more detail:


SocialPilot is one such powerful solution in terms of managing social media presence. It contains numerous features suitable for both rookies and experts which makes content posting and analysis less terrifying. By leveraging these features, creators can build a professional yet engaging presence across major social networking sites.


How secure is Social Pilot tool for multiple accounts operation?

Socialpilot takes security seriously and have measures to safeguard user data including; having encrypted connections as well as constantly monitoring for possible threats in safety issues.

Does SocialPilot present an opportunity for free trial to new users?

SocialPilot actually provides a chance to have a free trial period for new customers who can thus freely experience all the features provided by this platform before making up their mind.

Can I use Instagram and Facebook in connection with SocialPilot?

To make it even more convenient, the platform also offers integrations with popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others which is good news to individuals who may wish to automate the management of their online activities.