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TikTok to Launch New AI Chatbot ‘Genie’

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TikTok is planning to launch “Genie,” a new AI chatbot aimed at making the app more fun and useful for users in Western countries. This news comes after TikTok filed for a US trademark for the name “Genie.”

Reports say Genie will do more than just answer questions. Users can talk to Genie while watching videos, get help right away, and find new ways to interact with the app.

In May, TikTok filed to trademark “Genie” in the US. The chatbot will help simulate conversations, help users talk to AI, and create speech and text that sounds like a real person.

This is a big step up from TikTok’s earlier chatbot called “Tako,” which was tested in the Philippines and focused on searches. Genie will use TikTok’s advanced AI, similar to what’s used on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

Genie will also use new AI technologies like TikTok’s “StreamVoice” system, which can create natural-sounding voices from short audio clips, and tools for making music and turning text into videos.

Unlike Meta’s AI assistant, which mostly summarizes text, TikTok’s Genie aims to make user interactions more engaging and help users make the most out of TikTok’s many features.

Source: wenewsenglish