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AI Device from Roche Helps Diabetics Sleep Better

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Swiss company Roche will soon release a device that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help diabetics sleep better. This device predicts low blood sugar events at night, which can often wake up diabetics and may need medical help.

The new device is a wearable sensor that checks blood sugar levels every five minutes. It works with an AI app that can predict low blood sugar 30 minutes in advance. The app also forecasts blood sugar levels for the next two hours and warns about possible low blood sugar during the night.

Roche says this technology allows people to take action before their blood sugar levels become a problem. It helps reduce the worry about low blood sugar at night.

According to the World Health Organization, over 422 million people had diabetes worldwide in 2014, with rising obesity rates contributing to more cases of type 2 diabetes.

Source: hindustantimes