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ChatGpt vs Bing [2024] – Which is the Best?

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  • Post last modified:March 6, 2024
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In the ever-evolving realm of online communication, Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots like ChatGPT and Bing Chat are making a notable impact. Fueled by advanced GPT-4 technology, these chatbots engage in natural conversations and assist with various tasks. Bing Chat, seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Edge, enhances online searches with AI interactions, while ChatGPT, functioning as a standalone app, excels with robust integrations. Both benefit from the partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft, but Bing Chat offers the added advantage of free access in popular browsers. The choice between ChatGPT and Bing Chat depends on specific preferences and needs, showcasing the versatility and innovation in AI-powered chatbot technology.

What is the Difference Between ChatGpt vs Bing?

Our Pick
Language ModelGPT-3.5-turbo (ChatGPT Plus: GPT-4)GPT-4
PlatformStandalone website, apps on phonesBing AI can be used on different things like websites, computers, and phones.
Internet AccessCan browse the web using Bing (Plus and Enterprise)Provides real-time web search and recommendations
Image GenerationAvailable (paid access only)Bing Image Creator
Conversation SharingCan share links for others to continue chattingCan copy or export text blocks
Dynamic Verbal ExchangeDynamic voice interaction with different voice options in the mobile appNot applicable
Usage LimitsUnlimited for most users; Plus users have hourly limit30 chats per session, 300 total chats per day
PricingFree; $20/month for ChatGPT PlusFree

Personal Experience

In my personal experience, I’ve tried both ChatGPT and Bing. ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is great for chatting and generating human-like text for various purposes. It’s versatile and handy for different tasks, from content creation to casual conversations.

But, when it comes to my top choice, Bing wins the race. Bing’s integration of Bing Chat makes searching more fun and interactive. It adds a conversational touch to traditional web searches, making the whole experience engaging. Whether I need search results or want a more chat-like interaction with a search engine, Bing consistently provides a smooth and enjoyable experience. With its strong search capabilities and the innovative Bing Chat feature, Bing is my preferred tool, offering a perfect mix of traditional search and interactive chat.

Pros and Cons of ChatGpt


  • Makes creative and detailed replies.
  • Has strong integrations and plugins.
  • Allows working together on chats.
  • Developers can access and modify its source code.
  • Provides customization options for developers.


  • May take longer to retrieve specific information from the web.
  • Free version does not have fact-checking capabilities.
  • The accuracy of ChatGPT falls short compared to Bing.
  • It depends on information that existed before the year 2021.

Pros and Cons of Bing Chat


  • Built into Microsoft Edge for easy access.
  • Provide highly relevant research
  • Offers real-time web search and recommendations.
  • Provides a list of relevant links and visuals.
  • Accessible on different devices such as computers and mobile apps.
  • Free to use without any subscription fees.


  • Requires a subscription for advanced features.
  • Limited customization options for developers.
  • May display sponsored results due to reliance on ad revenue.


In conclusion, both Bing Chat and ChatGPT have their strengths. Bing Chat, integrated with Microsoft Edge, provides a user-friendly experience and real-time web search. On the other hand, ChatGPT gives creative and textual content. While Bing Chat is free, ChatGPT has a subscription option for additional benefits. Choosing between them depends on personal preferences and the specific features you need for your conversations and searches.


Is Bing AI identical to ChatGPT?

No, Bing AI utilizes an advanced model called Prometheus, which has additional capabilities compared to ChatGPT. One notable distinction is Bing AI’s ability to perform internet searches, a feature not available in ChatGPT.

Is Bing superior to ChatGPT?

Yes, Bing Chat is better than the free ChatGPT because it uses a smarter language model called GPT-4.

Can I access Bing Chat using Google Chrome?

Yes, you can use Bing Chat on Google Chrome, but some features, like chat history, won’t be available. Also, each conversation is limited to 5 replies instead of 30.

Does Bing ChatGPT 4 come at no cost?

Yes, Bing ChatGPT 4 is free to use.

How can I access Bing with GPT-4?

To begin, open Microsoft Edge and go to Bing on your computer. Then, click on “Chat” in the top-left corner. Once there, switch to “Creative” mode, as it allows you to chat with the GPT-4 model for free.