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Flick Review: Best Instagram Hashtag Tool to Boost Reach

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Any social media manager or content creator knows the importance of hashtags and how to use them. Their impact on your reach and engagement is profound, but identifying the right ones can be very tricky and confusing. How many hashtags should you use? Should you go for high or low competition hashtags? Which ones will get you maximum reach?

Flick is a powerful hashtag tool that aims to make this task easier. It assists in finding the right hashtags for your posts, managing them with ease, and evaluating their performance. It integrates with various social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn.

This in-depth Flick review examines the app’s features; Hashtag Search & Manager; Analytics; Post Scheduler among others. We will establish how each feature works, its effectiveness and whether it is suitable as an effective tool in your social media campaign thus by the end of this review you will have a clear understanding of how Flick can enable you to target specific audiences while enhancing your online presence on social platforms.

What is Flick?

A helpful tool that makes creating social media content easy is Flick. Using its AI Social Media Assistant acts as your personal writer to help you churn out captivating captions quickly. In a ‘Content Planner,’ Flick’s tools are arranged for both professionals and lay persons in order to maintain ideas in one place.

It expedites the writing process and helps make sure the content goes with your style. Scheduling, hashtag suggestions and analytics are some of the features that make planning and posting on social media a breeze in Flick. It is an excellent resource to make your content creation easier and more fun.

The Flick Tool is comprehensive software solution specifically designed with content creation market at heart targeting image optimization and search engine optimization. The interface is easy-to-use yet robust providing insights into visual content discoverability enhancement tactics in a highly packed digital space.

Top Features Of Flick

Flick’s main features are:

Flick’s hashtag search feature makes it easier to find the best hashtags to help you improve your organic reach on social media. Just put a keyword or phrase that relates to your post and Flick will give you 40 relevant hashtags taking into account such factors as popularity, engagement, and competition.This will enable you in preparing lists consisting of low, medium and high competition hashtags for every post.

This will enable you in preparing lists consisting of low, medium and high competition hashtags for every post.

Hashtag Manager

Instagram Hashtag Manager by Flick simplifies the task of managing and organizing your preferred hashtags thus enabling you to build a wide collection of top performing hashtags. It keeps track of how a hashtag is performing over time, allowing you to change your strategies in an instant. You can now easily switch between collections and categories where all your hashtags are displayed in one place, locate quickly and copy the right ones for your posts. This tool makes your hash-tagging game stronger as you get more followers and even make social media planning easier.

Post scheduler

Flick’s post scheduler will streamline the process of posting on social media for you, so that you do not miss an opportunity to contact your audience. Below is how it operates.

Scheduling posts

They can be planned and scheduled ahead across many social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Just make sure to choose the exact date and time when your post can go live ensuring that it is always delivered in a timely manner.

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Content Calendar:

Get an outline of all the post you have scheduled by making use of content calendar feature.

Easily manage and change posts to fit your content strategy and adapt to any changes that may arise.

Automated Posting

You can set it and forget about it with automated posting. This will lessen Flick’s human workload as they will publish these posts automatically at the stated time periods in case they exist.

Instagram Analytics

You can use Flick’s Instagram Analytics Reports to derive some useful information on the performance of your content by tracking and comparing several accounts and hashtags. It provides you with data that lets you know which hashtags will help broaden your audience and grow engagement, as well as overall success.

Flick review

You are able to see in-depth reports on time-based metrics such as reach, impressions, and engagement rates that tell you what resonates with your followers so that you may adjust accordingly for organic growth. Therefore, by linking up your Instagram profile with Flick dashboard, these analytics can be viewed through “View Analytics” option hence ensuring informed decision making for bettering one’s content strategies.

Drafts and Templates

Templates are used here for saving drafts which are recurring. It makes creation and scheduling new content faster.

This is especially helpful for maintaining a consistent brand voice or style.

Analytics Integration

Track Flick analytics on scheduled posts’ performance levels

Find out what times and types of posts work best so that you can optimize your schedule.

Flick’s Post Scheduler ensures efficient execution of your social media strategy, helping you maintain a consistent presence while maximizing engagement opportunities.

AI Social Media Assistant

Under the “Ideas” section on the menu, you will find Flick’s latest feature: AI Social Media Assistant which leads to Content Lab. These are three available options;

Brainstorming Ideas: make use of AI for generating exclusive content ideas in an instance.

Posting something: create captivating social media captions via the help of AI.

Content Repurposing: let AI repurpose your old stuffs like blogs, YouTube clips or tweets into new posts with little effort.

Competitor Analysis

One notable advantage of Flick Tool is excellent competition analysis functionality. In this regard, creators are able to identify trends within the industry, understand audience engagement metrics and see what keywords bring traffic to their competitors’ content. This information is very useful in refining your content strategy and differentiating yourself in a crowded market.

Hereafter we shall look into its strengths & weaknesses, pricing details and overall effectiveness. You will know by then if Flick is suitable for you!

Pros and Cons of Flick


  • Easy to use.
  • 7-day free trial.
  • Instagram insights and hashtag tracking.
  •  Affordable.
  • IG analytics.
  • Content Scheduler that enables the scheduling of posts in advance.
  • Use of AI system will take a fraction of a second to come up with content and post captions.


  • Flick does not offer a free version, and premium features are available with paid plans only.
  • The mobile app does not support uploading pictures or videos, nor does it have camera functionality.


Flick offers monthly and annual pricing plans.

Flick review

You can choose from three different pricing levels on Flick’s monthly or yearly plans. Each of them has a 7-days free trial for you to evaluate if Flick is what you are looking for.


In enhancing your social media strategy Flick has been made powerful. This platform is full of different features that include Hashtag Search, Hashtag Manager, Analytics Reports, Post Scheduler and AI Social Media Assistant all of which are important in optimizing as well as managing your content.

Apart from helping you to get more reach or engagement on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn through simplifying the way you select hashtags, organizing and tracking its performance in addition to offering more advanced analytics and scheduling abilities; Flick will help you increase your reach, engagement ,and overall success on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn. In order to make things easy for you while streamline workflow by coming up with creative ideas that can be used to generate new audiences insights about them Flick is the tool that equips one with necessary skills to develop a media presence on the internet.


Can Beginners Use Flick Tools?

Yes, beginners can easily use Flick tools as the interface is intuitive with clear instructions, tutorials, and support resources, making it accessible for all levels of social media management expertise.

Does Flick function?

A good number of content creators and social media marketers love Flick and claim that it is an ideal platform for selecting the most effective hashtags that can increase their following and engagements. However, effectiveness may differ depending on niche and competition. To find out how it works, you should try this tool since it offers a free trial period of seven days.

Can I use Flick with Instagram?

Flick is a secure platform to be utilized by Instagram users. It fully complies with Instagram’s terms of service without breaching any rules or guidelines. In addition to this, Flick has safe servers as well as encryption methods which keep user data secure.