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ChatGpt vs Google Bard [2024] – Which is Best?

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In the ever-evolving world of smart technology, two powerful tools have taken the stage: ChatGPT and Google Bard. OpenAI introduced ChatGPT to the public in November 2022, followed by Google launching Bard AI in March 2023. Both are like super-smart chatbots that can understand and generate human-like text. As we explore the comparison, we’ll dig into what makes them unique, how they’re used, and which one might be more helpful for different tasks. So, buckle up for a journey into the world of these clever language models!

Comparison Of ChatGpt Vs Google Bard

Our Pick
CreatorDeveloped by OpenAICreated by Google
Launch DateReleased in November 2022Launched in March 2023
How it WorksUses GPT-3.5 architectureRelies on Gemini Pro for generating responses
StrengthsGreat at providing versatile responsesKnown for diverse and nuanced answers with LaMDA and PaLM 2 models
Data SourcesGains knowledge from a diverse set of internet information.Gathers information from various sources, including Gemini Pro
Common UsesUseful in conversation, content creation, translationPrimarily shines in storytelling and delivering varied conversational experiences
User FeedbackGenerally well-received, widely usedUsers appreciate its diverse and engaging responses
Testing OutcomesConsistent responsesStands out for delivering nuanced and diverse answers
Impact in IndustriesApplied in various areas, widely used onlineNotable impact, especially in enhancing storytelling experiences

PriceFree, but ChatGPT Plus costs $20/monthFree
Sign in    Requires any email address (No waitlist at present)Requires a Google account (work or personal)
Languages (95+) inc. English, Spanish,Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese,Hindi, Bengali,German, Indonesian,Marathi & Vietnamese (40+) inc. English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese,Russian,  Japanese, Turkish,Hindi,Bengali, German,Marathi & Vietnamese

Pros and Cons Of ChatGpt


  • Excels in giving varied responses
  • Offers answers in a reliable manner
  • Widely used with positive feedback
  • Excels in writing and creating well-formed text.
  • Includes a complete set of plugins, expanding its capabilities for various applications and services.
  • Particularly skilled at producing extensive and detailed content, suitable for long-form writing.


  • ChatGPT tends to repeat old information rather than providing new content in its conclusions or summaries.
  • After January 2022, ChatGPT does not have updates with recent information.
  • It gives reliable information as it doesn’t make up things or use wrong reasoning.

Pros and Cons Of Google Bard


  • Can provide up-to-date details, including recent happenings and events.
  • It gives you data from Google Source
  • It’s simple and doesn’t need special skills to use.
  • You can talk to it instead of typing, which can be convenient.
  • It can provide summaries of web pages.


  • Provides fewer plugins and integrations.
  • Doesn’t keep a record of past queries.


In conclusion, while both ChatGPT and Google Bard showcase notable conversational capabilities, they serve distinct purposes in the realm of AI. ChatGPT focuses on user interaction, providing engaging conversations, while Google Bard complements traditional search by adding a conversational layer. The comparison highlights the unique strengths of each, emphasizing their potential coexistence for an enriched user experience. It’s essential to recognize their different roles and leverage them synergistically to harness the full spectrum of AI-driven interactions and information retrieval.


Is Google Bard AI better than ChatGPT? 

Our tests in 2024 showed that Bard has improved content ideas. Bard’s answers were easier to read than ChatGPT’s. ChatGPT is good at rephrasing, but Bard is better at making things simpler. Bard is also better at creating formulas for Google Sheets compared to ChatGPT.

Is it likely that GPT will take the place of Google?

No,chatgpt would not replace Google. It’s made for chatting with users, not for directly interacting with search engines. Even with a GPT-4 subscription and third-party plug-ins, it can’t provide answers without checking search results or visiting websites. Ensuring accuracy requires human intervention when using any AI.

Does using ChatGPT require payment, or is it free?

ChatGPT offers both free access and a paid subscription plan, ChatGPT Plus.

Can ChatGPT generate unique images based on a casual conversation?

ChatGPT now can generate distinctive images through a basic conversation, and this added feature is accessible to Plus and Enterprise users starting today.

Is the usage of Google Bard considered safe?

The general consensus is that using Google Bard is safe, but it comes with a few considerations.

Is it likely that google bard will take the place of Google?

Google Bard is good at talking, but it won’t replace Google search. Google search finds information in different forms like web pages and images. Bard adds conversation to search, so they work together to make searching better.