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Jasper vs Copymatic: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

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In today’s digital era, where content rules and visuals are powerful storytellers, there’s a crucial demand for graphic design tools that are accessible. Small businesses, emerging content creators, and social media managers are always seeking platforms that not only provide design features but are also easy to use and budget-friendly. The main question is, among a crowded market, which graphic editing program stands out – Jasper or Copymatic?

The Genesis of Design Editing Platforms

Both Jasper and Copymatic share a common goal: to make design accessible to all. Jasper has long served as a go-to for budget-conscious creators, offering simplicity without sacrificing design capabilities. On the other hand, Copymatic, a newer player, boasts an intuitive interface tailored for modern users.

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Birth of Jasper

Jasper, one of the first to create cloud-based design tools, has been around for over a decade. It started when a group of entrepreneurs saw that there was a need for a product that was easier to use than professional design software but more powerful than what regular internet users had access to. This idea resulted in Jasper, a simple but effective tool that’s still popular among people who like to design things themselves.

Jasper vs Copymatic

Copymatic’s Inception

In contrast, Copymatic was born from a collaboration of digital marketing experts and designers. With a clear aim to simplify content design, it puts a spotlight on copy – the heart of content creation.

Jasper vs Copymatic

Comparison of Jasper vs. Copymatic

Our Pick
Nature of AIProvides content creation with tone and voice settings.AI copywriting tool focused on generating persuasive copy.
Specialized CapabilitiesProvides a variety of functions such as article writing, copywriting, and SEO optimization.Primarily concentrates on crafting marketing materials through copywriting.
CustomizationHigh level of customization options.Limited customization features.
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface.User-friendly interface.
Content Types SupportedVarious, including ads, social media posts, blog articles, email copy, etc.Blog posts, landing pages, meta titles, SEO keywords, FAQs, product descriptions, social media posts, etc.
Integration with Surfer SEOAvailable with Boss Mode plans.Ideal for creative content generation and educational applications.
Pricing  More expensive compared to other software in the market. Unused words in a month cannot be carried over.Offers a free trial of 1500 words. Free version has limitations.
Design TemplatesJasper’s strength lies in its vast template library.Copymatic offers a more curated selection of templates despite its diversity.
CollaborationJasper swiftly incorporated collaborative features into its platform.Copymatic’s focus on collaborative copy-editing tools shines brighter than Jasper’s.
CommandJasper has a voice command featureNo voice command feature

Pros and Cons of Jasper


  • Produces high-quality content with minimal need for fact-checking, editing, or proofreading.
  • Offers a 5-day money-back guarantee and a free trial allowing users to write up to 10,000 words.
  • Features a user-friendly interface.
  • Offers flexible pricing plans with discounts for annual subscriptions.
  • Provides superb customer support.
  • Boasts an active Facebook community of over 60k users.
  • Includes Jasper Art, an AI image generator.
  • Integrates Surfer SEO for Google ranking optimization.
  • Offers extensive video tutorials and webinars for user guidance.
  • Offers over 50 diverse templates for selection.
  • Generates original content with zero plagiarism.


  • Higher priced compared to competitors
  • Unused words cannot be carried over to the next month
  • Jasper output requires fact-checking

Pros and Cons of Copymatic


  • Offers a free trial without requiring a credit card.
  • Provides free plagiarism checks for up to 5000 words.
  • Offers affordable pricing options.
  • Discounts available for yearly plan subscriptions.
  • Features a user-friendly interface.
  • Conducts SEO keyword research.
  • Produces high-quality content.
  • Facilitates unlimited collaboration for team projects.
  • Provides accessible customer support.
  • Offers various content options.
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Includes a plagiarism detection tool


  • Multiple outputs may be required for optimal copy.
  • Free version has limitations.

Jasper’s Pricing Model

Jasper vs Copymatic

Jasper AI offers two pricing plans:

  1. Boss Mode – Starting at $99 per month:
    • Includes everything in Starter Mode.
    • Allows up to 50,000 words per month.
    • Provides access to more templates.
    • Offers priority client chat support.
    • Ideal for bloggers and content marketers.
    • Both plans come with a 5-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Business/Custom Plan:
    • Ideal for teams and businesses.
    • Pricing is not listed, so you’ll need to contact the service provider.
    • Benefits include custom texts/user packages, flexible billing options, exceptional technical support, orientation and tutorial sessions, and a dedicated account manager.

Copymatic’s Offerings

Jasper vs Copymatic

There are two pricing options available:

  1. Pro Plan:
    • Prices vary based on the number of words per month.
    • Starts at $9/month for 15,000 words and goes up to $799/month for 3,200,000 words.
    • Includes:
      • Unlimited users and projects
      • All writing tools
      • SEO keyword research
      • Plagiarism checker
      • API access
  2. Enterprise Plan:
    • Tailored for businesses, offering all features of the Pro plan.
    • Includes:
      • Human editing and proofreading
      • SEO manager and account manager
      • Premium support
      • Advanced integrations

Final Words

In summary, both Jasper AI and Copymatic are robust AI writing tools with distinct features and strengths. When choosing between them, it’s crucial to assess your individual requirements and budget. Whether you need an AI tool for article writing, copywriting, or marketing materials, there’s a solution available to assist you in generating top-notch content swiftly and effectively. With the appropriate tool, you can streamline processes, cut expenses, and enhance the impact of your content marketing endeavors.


Which platform is better for creating social media graphics?

Jasper’s extensive template library, customizable to the nth degree, makes it a perfect candidate for creating social media graphics. However, Copymatic’s AI-driven template and focus on copy-editing tools make it an excellent contender for those who need a more guided approach to their social media designs.

Can these services be used by non-designers?

Absolutely! Both platforms are designed for users with no prior design experience. They offer intuitive interfaces and ample tutorials to get even the most novice designer up to speed.

Are there notable industries or businesses that each tool is best suited for?

Jasper is favored in industries that require a high level of original and custom design, such as the fashion and art industry. Copymatic, with its emphasis on copy editing, typically resonates with industries where content and messaging are of utmost importance, like marketing and public relations.

How do these designs tools fare in terms of search engine optimization (SEO)?

Both platforms allow the addition of alt texts, image descriptions, and other SEO elements, making them equally proficient in aiding SEO efforts.

Which platform has better customer support?

Jasper has built a strong customer support network over the years, offering various support options like live chat, tutorials, and email assistance. In contrast, Copymatic, a newer entrant, is swiftly expanding its customer support, focusing on prompt service and community engagement.

Is there an upper limit to the number of designs I can create on each platform?

Both platforms provide unlimited designs for paying subscribers, allowing productivity to be limited only by your imagination and capacity, rather than by software constraints.