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6 Best AI Tools For Teachers June 2024

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Teachers are constantly looking for new and improved ways to teach and engage students. The world of educational technology has many tools that can help, but it can be hard to know which ones are the best. Teachers need tools that can help them with things like managing their classrooms, planning lessons, checking how well students are learning, and making interesting lessons. This search is especially important now because technology is changing how we teach. For the past five years, I’ve been exploring how AI, or artificial intelligence, can be used in teaching. Every teacher should know about AI because it can help students learn better and make teaching easier. Teachers often look for AI tools that can improve their lessons, save time, and make teaching more exciting.

As technology changes, teachers want Ai tools that can make lessons more fun, create projects where students can interact, do tasks automatically, make quizzes, and grade work easily. In 2023, there was a big change in educational technology, especially with more AI tools for teachers. Teachers need to understand these AI tools because classrooms are using more digital resources. This article talks about the best AI tools for teachers, explaining what they can do and why they’re helpful.

Why Do AI Tools Matter for Teachers?

AI tools are important for teachers because they make tasks easier and save time. They help teachers understand students better and provide special help for each student. These tools also help teachers know how well students are doing and what they need to learn more. As a result, teachers may teach more effectively and assist students in learning in the most effective manner for them.

Criteria for Selecting AI Tools

When picking AI tools for teaching, consider a few key things. Look for tools that match your teaching style and objectives. Choose ones that are user-friendly for both you and your students, adaptable to different subjects, and keep students interested. Make sure these tools value data privacy and have a history of improving learning. It’s also important that the tool easily fits into your teaching methods or the platforms you use. Finally, having access to support and training is essential for using these AI tools effectively in teaching.

Top 6 AI Tools for Teachers

Following that, we’ll look at the five most well-known AI-powered technologies for simplifying teaching. 

1Our Pick

Instant text-to-slide generation (comes with pre-made templates and designs)

PowerPoint Speaker Coach
PowerPoint Speaker Coach

PowerPoint presentation improvement, rehearsal report


QuillBot is a helpful tool for paragraph rephrasing to save time and create new teaching materials efficiently. Ideal for language learners.


Grading and feedback for all subjects and levels (comes with built-in plagiarism checker)

Co Pilot
Education Co Pilot

Lesson planing, worksheet, handout and assessment generation

chatgpt pic

Lesson Planning, Content Generation.


SlidesAI is an amazing tool that helps teachers make really cool presentations quickly for their classes. It uses special computer technology to create slides and designs based on what you write in your presentation. It also suggests pictures and graphics that match what you’re talking about in your presentation, which makes things easier for teachers.

SlidesAI is designed to make it really easy for teachers. It gives you free templates for Google Slides and now has a tool that uses special technology to help you make presentations super fast. You just pick a topic, choose a style like fun or professional, make changes, and download your presentation. SlidesAI offers different types of presentations like general ones, educational ones, for sales, and for conferences. It helps teachers save time by using technology to make slides for them. Teachers can write their text, decide how many slides they need, and let SlidesAI change the text into really cool slides without needing any special skills. It’s simple to use and among the best ai tools for education, it makes great presentations with just a few clicks, making it easy to create interesting class material.

Key Features:

  • It works smoothly with Google Workspace, where you can find ready-made templates and designs you can use.
  • You can use it for free to make basic presentations, which is great if you’re a teacher with a limited budget.
  • If you want more cool stuff like importing high-quality presentations or special templates, you can get those features starting at $10.60 per month.
  • It helps improve regular PowerPoint presentations by making them work better using its special computer technology.


Slides AI is free to use, it is a fantastic solution for instructors on a tight budget. It also has paid options starting at USD 10.60 per month that enable extra features like the ability to export presentations in high-quality formats and access to premium templates.

PowerPoint Speaker Coach

PowerPoint Speaker Coach is a tool designed to help teachers make their classroom presentations more engaging and effective. It listens to the teacher’s voice during PowerPoint presentations and gives suggestions on how to improve speaking pace, tone, and emphasis. This tool is especially useful for educators aiming to enhance their delivery and keep students attentive.

PowerPoint Speaker Coach

Accessible through the PowerPoint web app, it uses AI to analyse speech in real-time, providing feedback on speech elements. It’s beneficial for new teachers looking to boost confidence in teaching and those seeking to improve public speaking skills. PowerPoint Speaker Coach evaluates presentations by assessing different aspects like pacing, pitch, filler word usage, and common speaking habits, aiding teachers in practising privately and identifying areas for improvement.

Key Features:

  • Gives a report after practice with important advice
  • Checks how fast you talk, words you overuse, and phrases to avoid
  • Gives tips to get better and helps with how long you speak


PowerPoint Speaker Coach is available in both free and premium editions. The premium edition includes more features such as more extensive analysis and feedback.


QuillBot is an AI tool that helps teachers save time by rephrasing sentences or paragraphs swiftly. It’s great for making new teaching materials from existing ones, perfect for language learners too. Apart from rewording, it checks grammar, prevents plagiarism, and creates citations.


It offers a free plan and a premium plan with advanced features like unlimited words, better grammar, and more. With QuillBot, educators can create clearer content and help students express ideas effectively. It’s a handy and affordable tool for classrooms, making teaching and learning easier.

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Key Features:

  • Sentence Rewriting
  • Grammar Check
  • Plagiarism Prevention
  • Citation Creation
  • Free & Paid Options 
  • Ideal for Language Learners
  • Valuable for Educators
  • Time-Saving: Cost-Efficient


QuillBot has a free plan as well as a premium plan for USD 9.95 a month that includes infinite words in the paraphraser, advanced grammar rewrite, plagiarism checks, tone recognition, and many other features. Teachers can easily include QuillBot into their classrooms without breaking the bank thanks to inexpensive price plans and a free trial option.

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Gradescope is a great tool for teachers because it helps in grading tests and assignments, checks for copied content, and gives detailed feedback to help students get better. It makes it easier for teachers to see if work is original and saves time. It’s not just about grading; it helps teachers understand where students need more help. Some people like it’s free version, while others prefer the premium option, which lets teachers set up grading their way and work together easily.


Gradescope uses technology to make grading fairer and simpler for different types of schoolwork. It covers lots of subjects, making it useful for teachers in many different classes. Overall, Gradescope is a tool that helps students improve and saves teachers time by organizing their grading and showing how students are doing.

Key Features:

  • Efficient grading across various assignments
  • Detects plagiarism to ensure academic integrity
  • Provides detailed feedback for student improvement
  • Customizable grading criteria for teachers
  • Supports multiple subjects and disciplines
  • Saves time by streamlining the grading process
  • Ensures fair assessment using technology
  • Enables seamless collaboration among teachers and students


Gradescope is available in both free and paid editions. More capabilities are available in the subscription edition, including the ability to design custom rubrics, integrate with other applications, and collaborate with peers.

Education CoPilot

Education CoPilot is a helpful tool for teachers in classrooms. It assists teachers in making lessons, planning activities, and following how well students are doing. This tool is good because it helps teachers make learning plans that fit each student. It’s one of the best tools for making class materials and plans using AI.

Education CoPilot

You can use it for making lessons, project plans, written instructions, student reports, and more. It’s great if you want to save time planning for each class. It creates learning experiences that fit each student well. Education CoPilot is a useful tool for teachers that quickly makes teaching materials personalized for students. It helps teachers a lot and saves time, making teaching and learning better for everyone, no matter the subject or grade level.

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Key Features:

  • Helps teachers plan lessons for each student’s unique learning needs.
  • Assists in designing class projects and aligning them with the curriculum.
  • Keeps track of student progress and monitors their performance.
  • Creates personalized learning experiences for students.
  • Generates high-quality lesson plans and teaching materials using AI.
  • Saves time in preparing for classes.
  • Works across different subjects and grade levels.
  • Aims to improve teaching effectiveness and simplify education.


Education Copilot is priced at $9/month but offers a 30-day free trial.


Teachers can use ChatGPT to assist in various ways, such as generating lesson plans, creating educational materials, or providing additional explanations for students. ChatGPT can help answer questions, offer suggestions for teaching strategies, and even generate examples or exercises for different subjects. While it’s not a replacement for human expertise, it can be a valuable tool for educators to enhance their teaching resources and support their instructional efforts.



  • Helps generate ideas and structure for lesson plans.
  • Generates quizzes, worksheets, and explanations for educational materials.
  • Answers student questions and provides additional information.
  • Useful for teaching in different language situations.
  • Sparks creativity for classroom activities and projects


Free and premium plans available.

AI tools in education are becoming more popular and helpful. They are expected to keep growing in the future. These tools use artificial intelligence, which is like smart computer programs, to help teachers and students. They can make learning more fun and easy by personalising lessons for each student. AI tools can also assist teachers in creating better teaching materials and finding new ways to help students learn. As time goes on, these AI tools will likely become even more common in schools, making learning more interactive and enjoyable for everyone.

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Tips for Effectively Implementing AI Tools

To use AI tools well in teaching, first, know what they do and how they can help. Choose a few tools that fit how you teach and what you want to achieve. Learn how to use them by getting training or help. Use these tools along with your teaching plan and involve students in using them in class. Check regularly how these tools affect learning, make changes if needed, and talk to other teachers about their experiences. Always protect students’ data and encourage them to think critically. Keep learning about new AI things to keep improving how you teach.


AI tools have quickly changed how teachers teach and how students learn. Using AI helps students learn better, whether it’s by using creative AI or software that makes teaching materials better. These tools give teachers new ways to plan lessons and talk to students. In the future, this will help teachers keep up with changes in education and make learning better for students.