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AI Tool Predicts When Employees Might Quit Jobs

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Bosses who worry about employees leaving their jobs or wonder how long new hires will stay can now use AI for insights.

Researchers in Japan developed an AI tool to assist managers in providing targeted support to employees to prevent them from quitting.

This tool analyzes various data about employees, such as attendance records, age, and gender. It was created by Professor Naruhiko Shiratori from Tokyo City University, along with a startup in Tokyo.

The AI also examines data from employees who have left the company or taken leave to create a turnover model specific to each company.

When provided with data on new hires, the AI predicts the likelihood of them quitting, expressed as a percentage.

“We are currently testing the AI tool with several companies, creating a model for each one,” Shiratori said.

Managers could use the AI’s predictions to offer support to employees identified as high-risk without revealing the raw figures, which could be alarming. Shiratori suggests that companies can offer assistance to those who might be facing difficulties based on AI suggestions.

Source: Thedailystar