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AI Tools Heighten Company Risk of Data Exposure

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Data security is at risk due to emerging technologies like AI and Generative AI (GenAI), according to a report from Code42. Insider-driven data exposure has increased by 28% monthly since 2021, and 85% of respondents expect this trend to continue over the next year.

AI Tools Heighten Company Risk of Data Exposure

Despite 99% of companies having data protection solutions, 78% of cybersecurity leaders admit to sensitive data breaches. With AI and GenAI playing a significant role in today’s risks, there is a need for more visibility into source code, files sent to personal cloud accounts, and customer relationship management (CRM) system data downloads.

Joe Payne, CEO of Code42, emphasizes the portability of data in today’s environment. AI and cloud technologies, while enabling collaboration, also make it easier for critical corporate data, such as source code and IP, to be leaked. The report highlights the challenges posed by AI as data sets are sent outside organizations to train models.

Organizations are turning to AI (83%) and GenAI (92%) technologies due to a shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers. However, the report cautions against the potential data loss risks associated with these tools. Data regulations are unclear for 73% of respondents, and 68% lack full confidence in their company’s compliance with new data protection laws.

Concerns about AI’s impact on sensitive data are widespread, with 89% of respondents feeling their company’s data is increasingly vulnerable to new AI technologies. Risks can vary by employee age and role, with particular concerns about Generation Z and Millennials falling victim to phishing attacks and inadvertently exposing sensitive data to competitors.

Insider-driven data exposure events can have significant financial repercussions, with cybersecurity leaders estimating an average cost of $15 million for a single event. Companies spend an average of 3 hours per day investigating insider-driven data events. There is a growing worry among cybersecurity leaders (72%) about job security in the event of an unaddressed insider breach.

Companies emphasize the need for data protection solutions that offer speed and ease of investigation, visibility into file contents and metadata, and integration with other tech solutions. The report emphasizes the importance of greater visibility to identify and remediate risks before data is copied into GenAI tools.

Source: Helpnetsecurity