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Apple Selects Baidu AI for iPhone 16 and More in China

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According to a report from China, Apple, the big American tech company, will use a Chinese search engine called Baidu’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its upcoming iPhone 16 and other products in China. This news is based on a report from a Chinese media outlet.

For these products in China, Apple will use Baidu’s Ernie Bot, which is a type of AI. Apple talked with other Chinese companies like Alibaba and an AI company related to Tsinghua University before deciding on Baidu, the report said.

Outside of China, Apple will use its own AI, but for the Chinese market, it’s choosing local technology because of rules and regulations. Baidu’s stock price went up after this news, but they didn’t say anything about it. Apple hasn’t said anything yet either.

This news comes after reports last week that Apple was talking with Baidu about using its AI in China. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, recently visited China, opening a new store and meeting with Chinese partners.

Apple Selects Baidu AI for iPhone 16 and More in China

At a meeting in China, Cook praised Chinese partners for helping Apple reach its environmental goals. He also mentioned that Apple plans to release its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in China this year.

But Apple is facing challenges in China. iPhone sales are down, partly because of strong competition from companies like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

Meanwhile, Samsung is also partnering with Baidu for AI in its new 5G devices. Samsung will use Baidu’s technology to allow users to search using hand gestures in China.

However, both Apple and Samsung are dealing with new regulations in China about AI. China wants to control what AI can do and what content it generates.

Last year, China started regulating AI services, and this year, it’s making more rules to control them.

Source: SCMP