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Apple’s AI Revolution: A Brighter Future for Siri

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It might seem like Apple is behind on AI, especially since ChatGPT shook things up in late 2022. But while other companies rushed to catch up, Apple was quietly planning its move. Recent rumors suggest they’re gearing up for something big. Reports say Apple’s been chatting with OpenAI and Google and developing its own AI model named Ajax.

Looking at Apple’s AI research, we can get a glimpse of what’s to come. They’re focusing on making AI faster and more efficient, particularly for Siri. In iOS 18, they aim to run AI features offline on your device, which is a big challenge. But they’ve come up with clever solutions, like storing model data on the device’s SSD instead of RAM, speeding up performance significantly.

Apple’s also working on making AI models smaller without losing quality. They created a system called EELBERT, which compresses models like Google’s Bert while maintaining performance. This means AI can do more without draining your device’s battery.

When it comes to Siri, Apple wants it to be top-notch. They’re exploring ways for Siri to understand you better without needing a wake word. They’re also improving Siri’s communication skills, making it better at understanding follow-up questions and ambiguous queries. Plus, they’re making Siri less verbose and more straightforward in its responses.

With these advancements, Apple is aiming for a smarter, faster, and more intuitive Siri experience. So get ready for a better Siri coming your way soon!

Source: Theverge