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Cadbury’s AI Honors Sports Volunteers with Ogilvy’s Help

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Cadbury has made a special video AI platform for Australians and New Zealanders to celebrate sports volunteers. This tool, supported by Ogilvy Australia, lets people create personalized animated videos to thank their favorite volunteers and share them on social media.

Hilary Badger from Ogilvy Melbourne says, “Cadbury Dairy Milk stands for generosity, and volunteers show that perfectly. They don’t ask for recognition, but without them, local sports wouldn’t exist. We made this tool to give volunteers a personal thank you.”

The AI tool, made with T&DA, uses advanced technology to create lifelike animations. It enhances sketches with 3D depth and maps volunteers’ faces onto avatars for personalized profiles. Tyrone Estephan from T&DA says, “This platform mixes AI and human creativity. We’re proud to help Cadbury celebrate community heroes.”

The campaign also features Australian and New Zealand athletes like Patty Mills, Madison de Rozario, and Emma McKeon using the tool. As the Paris 2024 Olympics approach, Ben Wicks from Mondelez International says, “This campaign shows what makes us great as a sporting nation. It’s a way for Aussies and Kiwis to thank volunteers for their generosity in a personal way.”

The campaign is now live on TV, BVOD, and social media in Australia and New Zealand.

Source: mumbrella