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CERN’s AI Tracks Ocean Plastic from Space

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On Earth Day, we’re thinking about how we can lessen plastic waste harming our planet. A cool new project, called Edge SpAIce, is helping with this. It’s a team effort involving CERN, EnduroSat, and NTU Athens, coordinated by AGENIUM Space.

These folks are using CERN’s fancy AI tech to watch over our planet from space. Just like how CERN tracks tiny particle collisions, they’re now tracking plastic in the oceans.

In particle physics, they have a smart system to pick out important data from lots of snapshots. Now, they’re using this idea in space. They’re making a special system for satellites that can take high-quality pictures and quickly figure out if there’s plastic in the ocean using AI.

By doing this processing onboard the satellite, they don’t need to send all the data back to Earth, just the important stuff. This saves energy and helps scientists focus on cleaning up plastic.

This project isn’t just about plastic. It’s also paving the way for better ways to use satellites for things like farming, city planning, and disaster help. Plus, it’s giving scientists and leaders the info they need to clean up our planet better.

AGENIUM Space, who’s leading this project, is excited to work with CERN on making our planet cleaner and healthier.

Source: CERN