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China’s New AI Video Tool ‘Kling’ Impresses Everyone

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OpenAI has been at the forefront of powerful AI tools, dominating the tech industry. The company is set to launch a new model named Sora which turns text into video. However, a formidable Chinese opponent has emerged that threatens OpenAI’s supremacy in this sector.

It would seem that OpenAI’s Sora is very impressive indeed.

This new model is called Kling and is developed by KWAI, a popular Chinese app similar to TikTok. People are thrilled about it as well. It can generate highly realistic videos from simple text.

What sets Kling apart is its ability to create two-minute videos with 30 frames per second at clear 1080p quality – not only this but also imitating real world movements quite accurately.

Kling uses Diffusion Transformer technology which changes text into detailed visual scenes.

Different video shapes and sizes can be handled by Kling – it creates lifelike faces and bodies that move naturally.

This AI tool has been increasingly employed as an indication of China’s growing power in artificial intelligence researches while showing off some skills within their wheelhouse too; therefore giving us a sneak peak at just what they might be capable of achieving in terms technological prowess on global stage beyond 2021 when openai plans release sora later this year so far competition heats up especially considering china won’t share klings recent worldwide success due its latest decision not to share diffusiton transformer.

Additionally, earlier this year vidu ai was introduced by china as their first model similar to sora however it can only make 16 second videos with clear 1080p quality but now with kling leading the way competitors will have work much harder keep pace with chinas ever advancing ai capabilities during these rapidly changing times.

Source: ndtv