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Deltek Launches Dela: AI Boost for Project Efficiency

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Deltek, a company that makes software for businesses that manage projects, has introduced a new tool called Deltek Dela. This tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help projects run better. It’s made to work with all of Deltek’s products, helping users with things like getting smart information, doing tasks faster, and sharing what they know.

Dela is like having a smart helper for your business. It can understand when you talk or type, quickly find what you need, and do tasks for you. It’s really good at looking at a lot of information and giving useful advice. For example, it can guess if a project will be successful based on past data and help decide things like how many people are needed for a project. This can save a lot of money and make projects more profitable.

This new tool comes out just before Deltek’s big event, Deltek Project Nation Live. At the same time, Deltek is going to share some research about how important AI is becoming for projects. Their report says that many businesses think they’ll lose customers if they don’t use AI soon. But for those who do, it could make a big difference, making jobs better and businesses more successful.

Dela is made to be easy to use, like having a chat with a helpful friend. It’s part of Deltek’s other smart tools that also use AI. With Dela, project managers can make smart guesses about what will happen next and get things done faster. Bret Tushaus, who helps decide what Deltek makes, says, “We made Dela to help businesses do better. It’s part of our suite of tools that make projects easier to manage.”

Deltek also wants to make sure that customers feel safe using their new tool. They’ve worked hard to make sure that people’s information stays private and that Dela won’t use it without permission. So, customers can choose if they want to use Dela’s cool features or not.

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