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Healthcare Leaders Unite for Responsible AI in New Network

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Healthcare leaders recently joined forces to create the Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network (TRAIN). This group aims to explore and establish standards for using artificial intelligence (AI) safely in healthcare.

AI technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by making it more efficient, cost-effective, and improving patient care. However, before these benefits can be fully realized, it’s crucial to develop standards for developing and evaluating AI systems.

Healthcare Leaders Unite for Responsible AI in New Network

TRAIN will play a vital role in setting these standards to ensure that AI in healthcare is both effective and responsible. Members of TRAIN will share best practices, create guidance for monitoring and managing algorithms, and develop tools to measure the impact of AI on healthcare outcomes.

Data and algorithms used by TRAIN members will be kept confidential and not shared with third parties, according to Microsoft.

The network comprises healthcare and technology leaders from various institutions across the United States, including Microsoft, OCHIN, and TruBridge, alongside hospitals and medical centers like AdventHealth, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Dr. David Rhew, Microsoft’s global chief medical officer, emphasized the importance of responsible AI implementation in improving patient outcomes and building trust in healthcare.

Collaboration within TRAIN allows members to address the challenges associated with AI in healthcare effectively. Dr. Peter J. Embí from Vanderbilt University Medical Center highlighted the need for systematic evaluation and monitoring of AI algorithms to prevent unintended harm.

These efforts align with national initiatives, such as the National Academy of Medicine’s Artificial Intelligence Code of Conduct, which aims to support responsible AI use in healthcare.

Source: healthitanalytics