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Music Labels Sue AI Song Generators Suno and Udio

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The world’s biggest record companies are suing the artificial intelligence (AI) song generators, Suno and Udio, for using artists’ recorded works without permission. These AI music startups are accused of copying music from artists like Chuck Berry and Mariah Carey.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced the lawsuits on Monday. The cases were brought by major labels such as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group Recordings, and Warner Records.

One lawsuit was filed in Boston against Suno AI, and the other in New York against Uncharted Labs, the creator of Udio AI. The lawsuits claim that Suno and Udio’s software copies music to create similar songs and demand $150,000 for each copied work.

Suno, which launched its first product last year, charges users a monthly fee and has a partnership with Microsoft. Udio became popular in April when the US producer Metro Boomin used it to create a viral parody song.

Mikey Shulman, CEO of Suno AI, said their technology is designed to create new music, not copy existing songs. He also mentioned that his company tried to discuss this with the record labels, but they chose to sue instead. Udio has not yet responded to requests for comment.

RIAA’s chairman, Mitch Glazier, said that while the music industry supports responsible AI development, services like Suno and Udio are unfairly profiting from artists’ work without consent.

AI is a hot topic in the music industry, with discussions about its creative potential and legal issues. In March, Tennessee became the first US state to pass a law protecting songwriters and performers from the risks posed by AI. In April, over 200 artists signed a letter urging AI companies to stop using AI in ways that infringe on artists’ rights.

Source: theguardian