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New AI Tool by NHS Team Predicts Health Issues

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A group of healthcare experts from London’s NHS hospitals and universities has created a smart computer program called Foresight. This tool helps doctors make better decisions about patients’ health, track their progress in hospitals, and even aids in medical studies.

The team behind Foresight is made up of researchers from King’s College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trusts, King’s College, and University College London.

Foresight uses a special computer system called Cogstack, which reads and understands information from the NHS electronic health records. This program learns from a lot of healthcare data and uses advanced technology to spot complicated patterns in both organized and unorganized information.

In a test, Foresight accurately predicted the next ten possible health problems in patients’ timelines about 70-90% of the time. This shows it can be really helpful for doctors to anticipate what might happen with their patients.

Additionally, when five doctors created fake patient histories with different scenarios, Foresight predicted the future health issues with 93% accuracy, which means it mostly gave useful suggestions.

Experts believe Foresight can be used in real-world situations to forecast health risks, mimic medical trials, and study how diseases progress. Professor Richard Dobson, one of the main researchers, thinks Foresight can be used for many other things like teaching medical students.

The project got support from various organizations including the NHS AI Lab and health research institutes. Professor Andrew Morris, who leads one of these institutes, says this work shows how using technology and healthcare records together can improve medical decisions. But he also stresses the need for good quality and fair data to make sure everyone’s privacy is protected.

Source: Ukauthority