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New AI Tool for Police Reports Raises Concerns

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A company called Axon, which makes Tasers for police and works with them, has introduced a new AI tool called “Draft One.” This tool can create police reports using audio from officers’ body cameras.

Some people, like those at Forbes, are worried about this. They think it could make existing problems worse, like racism in police work. They’re also concerned that the AI might make mistakes or say things that aren’t true.

Dave Maass from the Electronic Frontier Foundation says it’s worrying because police might not understand if the AI makes a mistake. He thinks this could affect many people’s lives unfairly.

Axon says their AI can help officers spend less time writing reports. They think this could let officers spend more time doing other important police work.

New AI Tool for Police Reports Raises Concerns

But there are still worries about the AI making mistakes. Axon says they’ve tried to fix this, but some people aren’t convinced. They think it’s risky to trust technology that might not be completely reliable.

Axon says they’ve tested the AI to see if it treats people of different races fairly. They say it does, but not everyone believes them.

Some people on social media are angry about this new AI tool. They worry it will cause problems, especially for people of color. They also want more oversight of companies that make technology for police.

This isn’t the first time Axon has faced criticism. In the past, they had problems with their products and how they treat their employees.

Overall, some people are concerned about Axon’s new AI tool for police reports. They think it’s risky to rely on technology that might not work perfectly, especially in the already complicated world of policing.

Source: NewsYahoo