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New AI Tool on Smartphone Can Detect Strokes Fast

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A new tool on smartphones uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help detect strokes quickly. This tool can help paramedics figure out if someone is having a stroke in just a few seconds by looking at the person’s face. It looks for small signs like uneven muscles or specific movements in the face.

The team behind this tool is led by Guilherme Camargo de Oliveira, a doctoral student at the University of Melbourne. They found that changes in facial muscles can show if someone might be having a stroke. The tool uses special image processing and AI to check for these changes accurately.

In early tests, this smartphone tool was right 82% of the time in finding strokes, which is very good compared to older methods. Professor Dinesh Kumar, who is also working on this project, said this tool can work well with other medical checks to help find strokes faster.

This smartphone tool is not meant to replace tests done in hospitals. Instead, it helps paramedics spot stroke symptoms quickly, especially when other checks might miss them. By helping recognize strokes sooner, this tool can save lives and reduce the number of undiagnosed strokes.

In the future, the team plans to improve the tool so it can detect other brain-related problems, not just strokes. This shows their dedication to making healthcare better with new AI technology.

To stay updated on stroke detection and learn how to lower your risk of a stroke, you can visit trusted sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Source: smartphonemagazine