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OpenAI Launches ChatGPT-4o: Human-like Voice Assistant

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OpenAI has announced a new AI model called ChatGPT-4o, designed to bring advanced intelligence to all users, including those using the free version of ChatGPT. This update also includes an impressive voice interface that competes with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa.

During its “spring update” event, OpenAI presented the ChatGPT-4o model to the public for the first time. Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati highlighted its speed improvements over the previous ChatGPT-4 model and emphasized enhancements in text, video, and audio capabilities.

Murati showcased the model’s ability to instantly translate her speech from Italian, emphasizing its user-friendliness. The event also introduced a voice mode feature capable of interpreting body language cues and generating voice responses in various emotional styles, such as robotic or singing voices.

ChatGPT-4o exhibits more human-like conversational skills, responding to compliments with playful remarks like “Oh stop it, you’re making me blush.” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed excitement about the potential for computers to perform more tasks with added personalization and access to user information.

Improvements in real-time responsiveness and emotion detection through camera-based facial recognition were also demonstrated during the event. OpenAI announced the launch of a desktop app with voice and vision capabilities.

Moreover, ChatGPT-4o will be available through the Artificial Intelligence Application Programming Interface (API), enabling developers to build models at a reduced cost and faster pace. The model supports 50 languages, covering 97% of the global population.

However, concerns remain regarding user data protection and ethical considerations. OpenAI did not address these concerns during the event, nor did they specify plans to mitigate bias or misleading responses in the new model.

ChatGPT-4o is expected to roll out to users of ChatGPT in the coming weeks, offering enhanced capabilities and accessibility to a wider audience.

Source: euronews