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Oppo Partners with Tech Giants to Enhance AI in Smartphones

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Oppo has declared that it will enable AI functions on smartphones at every price point by the close of 2024. The company established an AI Research and Development Center in Shenzhen in February to achieve this. Oppo is partnering with leading tech companies like Google, Microsoft, MediaTek, and Qualcomm to enhance its devices’ AI capabilities.

The new AI Center will concentrate on areas such as image processing, computer vision, and natural language understanding. This year alone, Oppo has launched more than 100 AI features for its phones and possesses over 5,399 worldwide patents pertaining to this technology. By collaborating with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek, the Chinese firm expects to improve upon the artificial intelligence capabilities exhibited by its smartphones.

In regards to its high-end models, Oppo plans on using advanced language models courtesy of Google; a move that will facilitate features such as AI Writer or AI Recording Summary among others. With support from Microsoft — whose Fast Transcription combined with Neural Text-to-Speech technologies are involved — voice-to-text conversion quality shall greatly be boosted while making audio recording transcription smoother also enhancing linkage between desktop AI & Oppo smartphones.

Furthermore before this year ends all users will be able use Copilot on connected PCs created by Microsoft so they can create content or translate messages even find addresses through their phones.

Additionally special chipsets having MediaTek’s custom designed AI processing units are being developed jointly by oppo alongside the two firms thus making it possible for enhanced performance during various artificial tasks performed efficiently as well unique features offered within oppo gadgets utilizing media Tek’s specialized frameworks which have been made specifically for this purpose.

Source: timesofindia