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Oracle Introduces AI Features for Business Software

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Oracle announced on Thursday that it’s adding new artificial intelligence features to its business software. This move aims to help companies with their finances, supply chains, and human resources tasks more efficiently. The company, based in Austin, Texas, is competing with tech giants like Microsoft to offer these AI tools to businesses.

These AI features, now integrated into Oracle’s cloud-based software, can generate reports, summarize complex data, and even draft job descriptions. This is intended to save time for employees who handle these tasks regularly.

Oracle Introduces AI Features for Business Software

Oracle, although a newcomer to the cloud computing scene, is investing heavily in AI technology to keep up with competitors like Microsoft. They’ve partnered with companies like Nvidia and Cohere to bolster their AI capabilities.

Unlike simple chatbots used in consumer apps, Oracle’s AI system is tailored for specific tasks. For instance, it can write product descriptions based on inventory data or summarize lengthy price negotiations with suppliers. However, human oversight is still essential to ensure accuracy.

Steve Miranda, an executive at Oracle, explained that their approach aims to avoid common issues with AI, such as providing incorrect information. They’re focused on delivering productivity improvements while ensuring accuracy and reliability.

In summary, Oracle’s new AI features are designed to streamline business operations, offering a range of benefits while minimizing potential drawbacks.

Source: Channelnewsasia