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Survey: Employees Want AI Training Despite Confidence Levels

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A new report shows that most employees who use generative AI tools still want to learn how to use them better. The report, by Hyland, asked 900 full-time workers in the US who use generative AI tools at least once a month.

It discovered that 95% of them feel somewhat or very confident using these tools at work. However, almost all of them (98%) still want training on how to use them. More than half (57%) prefer training programs made specifically for their company.

Steve Watt, Hyland’s chief information officer, said, “We need to improve our AI skills, both in our technical teams and in our business groups.”

The report also shows that employees want training on soft skills related to AI, like ethics (47%) and security (46%). Dylan Border, director of cybersecurity at Hyland, said users of these tools understand their role in keeping things secure.

The report suggests that companies should provide more training on using generative AI tools, even for employees who feel confident already. Training on this technology is becoming more important as it becomes a bigger part of people’s jobs.

Source: Hcam