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Target Introduces New AI Tool for Store Employees

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Target is using a new AI tool to help its employees work better and make shopping easier for customers.

Target, based in Minneapolis, is using AI to be more efficient as labor costs rise and sales are slow.

The News:

Target announced on Thursday that it is launching the “Store Companion chatbot” app for employees in almost 2,000 stores. This app will be on the handheld devices that workers use in stores and will help answer questions about store procedures. Target created this tool themselves and is currently testing it in about 400 stores before a nationwide rollout.

The Big Picture:

Other big retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy have also started using AI tools, such as chatbots, for their employees and customers. Target has been using AI since December to help customers personalize their shopping, both online and in stores.

How It Works:

The Store Companion chatbot can answer questions about things like the Target Circle loyalty card, where products are located in the store, and how to restart the cash register. It does this in a conversational way, according to Brett Craig, Target’s Chief Information Officer.

“It is really about trying to help our team members work better with our guests,” Craig told Axios.

What We’re Watching:

There’s a question of whether AI tools like Store Companion will eventually be able to replace workers. Craig did not give a direct answer but said, “The goal is to empower our team. The goal is to deliver a great guest experience.”

Source: axios