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UCSF to Build AI Monitoring System for Healthcare

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To come up with an AI monitoring system for healthcare, UCSF Division of Clinical Informatics and Digital Transformation (DoC-IT) partnered with UCSF Health. The project is called the Impact Monitoring Platform for AI in Clinical Care (IMPACC), this was funded by Ken and Kathy Hao who gave $5 million.

The new AI technologies that are being applied in health have to be efficient, secure and equitable, IMPACC will help see to that. Julia Adler-Milstein, Ph.D., who serves as the DoC-IT head together with Sara Murray, M.D., M.A.S., chief health AI officer at UCSF Health are leading this initiative.

At the moment safety checks are conducted on new AI technologies before they can be used in healthcare systems but there has not been any continuous monitoring of these tools once they start functioning. In order meet this demand IMPACC will switch from periodic manual check-ups to automated real-time continuous monitoring.

According to Sara Murray,”We currently lack immediate feedback about how well devices are working or whether they’re benefiting patients”. She added that this program would allow them identify areas where things might not be going right within minutes so that necessary actions can be taken immediately thus saving lives.

Over time IMPACC will monitor performance levels achieved by various artificial intelligence instruments as well as their influence on patient outcomes; it will also let those responsible for making decisions in the health sector know if a given tool is working according to expectations or needs improvement; if found dangerous or worsening disparities then alerts should be made lest otherwise ignored which might lead into disasterous results affecting many people .

Once ready for use after development and verification stages IMPACC shall start with current artificial intelligence tools being used at UCSF Health care facilities before looking into wider applications. There may also arise need for creation of a dashboard which would inform patients whenever their care involved utilization of any form of AI.

“This gift comes at a critical juncture in the adoption of AI in health,” said Julia Adler-Milstein. “It will improve patient care at UCSF and advance how we assess AI tools in real-world use.”

Source: hcinnovationgroup