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UK Worries About AI Risks, Competition Regulator Warns

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The competition regulator in the UK has raised concerns about the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI). They found that only six big technology companies are at the center of the AI sector, with over 90 connections through investments and partnerships. This has raised worries about how fair the technology market really is.

Sarah Cardell, who leads the Competition and Markets Authority, stated that AI foundation models, like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Gemini, could change society significantly. However, she pointed out that these models give too much power to just a few companies. These companies could then control the market according to their interests.

Cardell explained that their investigation started out of curiosity but has now turned into genuine concern. She stressed the importance of using AI for everyone’s benefit while preventing companies from misusing their power.

UK Worries About AI Risks, Competition Regulator Warns

The six major companies identified include Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, Apple, and Nvidia. They are involved in numerous partnerships and investments, which could limit competition in the market.

Cardell highlighted three main risks: companies controlling important aspects like data and chips to restrict competition, using market power to influence AI services, and forming partnerships that strengthen their hold on the market.

The Competition and Markets Authority began looking into the AI market in May 2023. Their initial review, published in September, suggested that AI might not bring positive outcomes unless carefully managed. Cardell emphasized the importance of preventing a future where only a few big players control the AI sector.

This news comes as AI regulators worldwide plan to meet in Korea for a mini-summit. This meeting aims to build on previous discussions about AI safety and prepare for a full session later in Paris.

Source: Theguardian