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Using AI to Match Dogs with Perfect Owners

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In London, Chelsea Battle found her perfect companion in Peanut, a cavapoo, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their bond is strong, but not every match is as lucky. Choosing a pet often relies on intuition, but scientists at the University of East London are using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the process.

Dr. Mohammad Amirhosseini and his team developed an AI algorithm based on behavioral data from over 70,000 dogs. Their system categorizes dogs into five personality types, regardless of breed or gender:

  1. Excitable and hyper-attached
  2. Anxious and fearful
  3. Aloof and predatory
  4. Reactive and assertive
  5. Calm and agreeable
Using AI to Match Dogs with Perfect Owners

With this information, they aim to match dogs with tasks they are best suited for, such as security or guide work. Currently, many dogs fail these programs, leading to wasted resources. By predicting a dog’s personality, the researchers hope to improve success rates.

Moreover, they envision a future where families looking to adopt can use this AI technology to find the perfect pet. Behavioral issues often lead to dogs being returned to shelters, causing distress for both the animals and their owners. The researchers believe that their AI tool can facilitate more successful adoptions by matching dogs with compatible owners.

In essence, by harnessing AI, scientists aim to make the process of pet adoption more informed and successful, ensuring that every dog finds its perfect home.

Source: Cbsnews