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Using AI to Prevent Workplace Violence in Hospitals

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Violence at work is a big problem for healthcare workers. They get hurt when they’re trying to help people. A hospital found a way to use computers to help stop the violence before it happens.

A lot of nurses say they’ve had bad things happen to them at work. Some were threatened with words, and some were threatened physically. Others were actually hurt, like being pinched or punched.

The hospital, Parkland Memorial, knows this is a big problem. They wanted to do something about it. So, they made a computer program to help them.

The program uses information from the hospital’s records to guess if someone might be violent. It looks at things like where the person lives and if they smoke. For example, if someone who smokes isn’t allowed to smoke in the hospital, they might get angry.

Doctors helped make the AI program. They know a lot about how patients act. If the program thinks someone might get violent, doctors can talk to them and try to calm them down.

The hospital tested the program for almost a year. It guessed right most of the time. It helped the nurses feel safer, like someone was looking out for them.

The hospital wants to use the program in more places. They’ll keep making it better, so it can help even more people.

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