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UVA Researchers’ New AI Tool for Heart Failure Patients

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UVA Health researchers have made a new tool to help predict what might happen to people with heart failure. This tool is free for doctors to use. It’s better than the tools we had before because it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to figure out each person’s risk.

Dr. Sula Mazimba, who knows a lot about heart failure, says not all heart failure patients are the same. Some have a higher risk of bad things happening. Knowing this can help doctors choose the best treatments for each person.

UVA Researchers' New AI Tool for Heart Failure Patients

Heart failure happens when the heart can’t pump enough blood for the body. This can make people feel tired, weak, and can cause swollen legs and feet. It’s a serious problem, and more people are getting it. The new tool, called CARNA, aims to help care for these patients better.

The researchers used data from thousands of heart failure patients to make the tool. They found it works better than what we had before. It can predict things like if someone might need heart surgery, end up back in the hospital, or even die.

The tool is special because it can understand complex data and still make good predictions. Dr. Josephine Lamp, who works with computers, says it’s exciting because it makes it easier for doctors to make decisions about treatment.

By using this tool, doctors can give better care to patients, helping them live longer and healthier lives. The researchers believe that working together with different experts is key to using AI to help patients in the future.

Source: Newsroom.uvahealth