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WhatsApp Tests New Feature for Custom AI Avatars

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WhatsApp is working on a new feature that lets users create personalized AI avatars of themselves. These avatars can be placed in different virtual settings.

According to The Verge, this feature is found in WhatsApp Beta for Android version It uses a mix of user photos, text prompts, and Meta’s AI Llama model to make custom avatars. Users can imagine themselves “in any setting, from the forest to outer space,” as shown in screenshots shared by The Verge.

The avatars look similar to those made by AI tools like Lensa AI or Snapchat’s “Dreams” selfie feature. To create these avatars, users first need to upload photos of themselves. Then, they can type commands like “Imagine me” followed by a description of the setting they want in Meta AI chat, or use “@Meta AI imagine me…” in other WhatsApp chats.

This feature will be optional, and users need to turn it on in WhatsApp settings. They can also delete their reference photos from Meta AI settings anytime, keeping control over their personal data.

There is no specific timeline for when this feature will be available to everyone. WhatsApp is slowly introducing support for its Meta AI chatbot and real-time AI image generation, especially in the United States. The AI avatar feature may be rolled out gradually as WhatsApp and Meta work through the challenges of generative AI.

Given past issues with AI technologies, Meta is being careful to ensure this new feature is secure and works well. As development continues, WhatsApp users can look forward to more personalization and creativity in their messaging experience, thanks to advanced AI.

Source: business-standard