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Adobe’s New AI Tool: Create and Edit Music Easily

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Adobe has introduced a groundbreaking AI tool called Project Music GenAI Control, designed to make music creation and editing accessible to everyone, regardless of their audio expertise. Unveiled at the Hot Pod Summit, this prototype allows users to generate music using simple text prompts like “happy dance” or “sad jazz.” What sets it apart is the integrated editing controls that empower users to customize the generated audio, adjusting patterns, tempo, intensity, and structure.

Adobe’s new prototype generative AI tool is the ‘Photoshop’ of music-making and editing

The tool enables users to remix sections of music and generate repeating loops, making it ideal for creating backing tracks or background music for various content. Adobe claims that the tool can adjust generated audio based on a reference melody and extend audio clips for applications like animations or podcast segments. While details about the user interface for editing are yet to be revealed, Adobe envisions providing deep control for shaping and tweaking audio, akin to pixel-level control in Photoshop.

Although similar tools exist, Project Music GenAI Control distinguishes itself by combining music generation with robust editing capabilities. Developed in collaboration with the University of California and Carnegie Mellon University, this early-stage experiment aims to offer advanced features in Adobe’s editing tools like Audition and Premiere Pro in the future. While not currently available to the public, Adobe encourages tracking the project’s development on the Adobe Labs website for updates on this innovative music-making and editing tool.

Source: Theverge