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AI Boosts Ship Efficiency: DeepSea & G2 Ocean Lead the Way

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DeepSea Technologies, a top maritime tech company, partnered with G2 Ocean and SINTEF to create an innovative AI tool, Pythia Augment, funded by the EEA Grants. This tool optimizes ship routes and speeds without needing extra hardware installation.

Traditional efficiency improvements in shipping need complex data systems, which many companies lack. DeepSea’s solution, using AIS and noon report data, along with high-frequency data from other ships, fills this gap. It’s called “transfer learning” and adapts AI models from ships with rich data to those with less.

Pythia Augment, initially tested on bulkers, offers route and speed guidance based on AI-generated energy models. Trials on five Grieg Star vessels showed significant fuel savings and improved earnings.

Collaborating with SINTEF, DeepSea, and G2 Ocean worked to ensure crew compliance with AI recommendations, crucial for sustainable shipping. Dr. Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, DeepSea’s CEO, emphasized the tool’s role in reducing energy consumption amid the maritime industry’s decarbonization goals.

Anne Lise Rognlidalen from Innovation Norway praised the project’s environmental impact, supporting Norway’s role in maritime decarbonization. G2 Ocean’s CEO, Arthur English, highlighted the tool’s potential for emissions reduction and enhanced earnings.

DeepSea utilized Transfer Learning and Hybrid Modeling to develop this tool, leveraging mixed data systems from various fleets.

Source: Hellenicshippingnews