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AI Helps Farmers Find Crop Diseases

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AI is now being used to help find diseases in crops. A London-based company called HSAT has created a new technology called “Inference.” This technology uses AI to improve how we detect crop diseases and predict crop outcomes.

Inference combines different AI technologies like Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Large Language Models into one platform. It has high accuracy, with 95% for crop prediction and over 90% for disease detection.

Farmers can easily use Inference by taking pictures of their crops with their mobile devices. HSAT then analyzes these images to find any disease risks. The platform uses geolocation to map each image and link it to satellite and weather data. This helps HSAT identify affected crops and create heat maps to show disease spread across large areas.

HSAT’s analysis can cover anything from a single plant to entire fields, farms, counties, or even countries. This helps farmers, producers, and traders get a big-picture view of crop health, spot areas with poor irrigation, and make risk maps for regions and nations.

HSAT Founder Rob Weston said that Inference has already been used in six countries on four continents, helping assess tens of thousands of farms.

Source: freshfruitportal