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AI Tech Using Face Temperature Can Help Spot Diseases Early

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Scientists have found a new way to use AI and thermal imaging to check a person’s health and how fast they are aging by looking at the temperature of their face.

This technology can help find and diagnose diseases early, so people can get treatment sooner.

The study was done at Peking University in Beijing, China, by a team of scientists led by Jing-Dong Jackie Han.

The scientists said, “A colder nose and warmer cheeks may show rising blood pressure.”

Noticing Changes in Face Temperature

They used AI to study how face temperature patterns relate to chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. They looked for specific temperature changes in different parts of the face.

AI can analyze temperature changes across different parts of the face using a thermal camera to capture the data and a trained model to understand it.

The goal is to help doctors use this simple and non-invasive AI method to find diseases early.

“Aging is natural,” said Han, the study’s lead author. “But our tool can help people age healthily and live without disease.”

Another aim was to see how fast someone is aging based on their biological age, which can show certain health risks.

Training the AI to Predict Thermal Age

The study looked at the facial temperatures of over 2,800 Chinese people aged 21 to 88.

The team used this data to train the AI model to predict a person’s thermal age. They found key facial areas where temperatures were linked to age and health, like the nose, eyes, and cheeks.

People with higher blood pressure had warmer cheeks, while those with warmer noses had a younger thermal age. Those with metabolic disorders aged faster, shown by higher temperatures around their eyes.

When blood samples were checked, they found that higher temperatures around the eyes and cheeks were due to more cell activity related to inflammation, such as repairing damaged DNA and fighting infections.

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