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MITRE and Nvidia Team Up for AI Supercomputer

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A big company that helps the Pentagon and U.S. spy agencies is teaming up with a popular chipmaker called Nvidia. They’re making a powerful computer for $20 million to make it faster for the U.S. government to use artificial intelligence (AI). The company behind this is MITRE, which is a research group funded by the government. They’ve been making high-tech stuff for the military and spies since the 1950s.

MITRE says this new computer could help with lots of things, like making Medicare better and taxes easier. Charles Clancy, who works at MITRE, thinks AI can make the government work smoother. He says the government is slow and full of paperwork. Their goal is to make things like Medicare more sustainable and make it easier for people to file taxes.

This project is part of a bigger effort by the Biden administration to keep the U.S. ahead in AI. China is also trying to catch up in this technology. The supercomputer will be set up in Ashburn, Virginia, and should be ready to use by the end of this year.

MITRE started off as a part of MIT in 1958 and has been helping the military and spies ever since. They work on all kinds of tech, not just computers. They’ve made tools for spying, communication, and protecting against hackers. They’ve even made a small drone for the Navy that can work by itself in the ocean.

This new AI supercomputer is just another example of how technology is changing the way governments work.

Source: Washingtonpost