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AI Tool Helps Lawyers Sort Millions of Documents Quickly

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Last year, many lawyers found out that AI tools like OpenAI and Google Gemini can sometimes make mistakes or “hallucinate.” But AI can still be very useful in the legal field.

One good use is in electronic discovery, or e-discovery. This is the process of collecting and sharing electronic evidence like emails, voicemails, chats, and social media posts for court cases.

This is where a company called Hanzo comes in. Hanzo helps legal teams sort through data from sources like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email. This helps lawyers find the right documents and understand them during e-discovery.

Hanzo’s CEO, Julien Masanès, explained that their goal is to save lawyers time and reduce costs, as lawyers’ billable hours can be very expensive.

AI is being used to improve many industries, and now it’s making its way into civil law. For example, if a tech company receives a legal complaint and needs to provide records of internal communication, Hanzo’s AI can help sort through millions of messages to find the relevant ones. This avoids the need to manually review all the documents, which is time-consuming.

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Hanzo’s platform can analyze and identify the needed documents, making the process much easier. Masanès pointed out that people often think of chatbots when they think of AI, but there are many other valuable applications, like automating e-discovery.

The e-discovery market is expected to grow significantly, from $15.5 billion in 2023 to $39.9 billion by 2032. This growth is due to the increase in electronic records and the use of AI and automation.

Hanzo recently launched its Spotlight AI technology to help reduce the costs of using AI for legal cases. Unlike popular models like ChatGPT, Spotlight AI uses smaller, less expensive models only when needed. This aligns the cost with how much a company uses the AI and the value it gets from it.

Large AI models often have usage limits, making them expensive for processing large amounts of data. Hanzo’s approach is different, charging by the gigabyte, which they say is more affordable for legal teams.

Masanès believes that being able to efficiently scale to handle millions of documents is crucial. Hanzo’s pricing model aims to make this process more affordable and change the industry.

Source: businessghana