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AI Tool Makes QR Codes Even Better

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A new AI tool is being launched by ConnectQR, a company of YPB Group. The main purpose of this tool is to enable customers create their own QR codes which they can personalize or customize more for effective service or product promotion. It also enables them to collect vital information about their clientele base.

Martin Ross, who is the Chief Operating Officer for YPB Group believes that with this kind of tool many more people will start using Qr codes since according to him it offers an excellent marketing solution at cheap cost.

Ross said “We realized that we can use artificial intelligence in order to simplify the process of creating and sharing Qr codes among our clients.”

ConnectQR was established so as to assist companies communicate directly with consumers through managing their own Qrs easily besides ensuring that user data is stored securely within Australia.

Through ConnectQR; enterprises both in Australia and worldwide are able to create & manage their individualized Qr codes. They do not need any assistance from developers or marketing agencies because this technology can be customized according to their specific needs thereby saving time as well as money.

‘ConnectQR has positioned itself for growth as it can onboard new customers rapidly while providing them with very easy-to-use promotional tools meeting all standards,’ said Ross adding ‘This new AI driven system will enhance our capacity top notch quality Qr code technology while further reinforcing our market position.’

Source: retailworldmagazine