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UK Rejects AI Candidate, Finishes Last in Election

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In the 2024 UK general election, an artificial intelligence (AI) candidate named AI Steve ran as an independent in the Brighton Pavilion constituency. AI Steve, created by businessman Steve Endacott, aimed to offer a new kind of politics. Despite this innovative approach, AI Steve received only 179 votes, which was just 0.3% of the total votes.

Steve Endacott launched AI Steve out of frustration with traditional politics. The AI, powered by Neural Voice company, was designed to be available 24/7 to talk to voters and offer policy ideas. It could manage up to 10,000 conversations at once.

Before the election, the UK election watchdog clarified that if AI Steve won, the human candidate, Steve Endacott, would take office as a member of Parliament. Despite being the first AI candidate in UK elections, AI Steve’s campaign did not gain much support. The Green Party’s Sian Berry won the seat in Brighton Pavilion, where 70% of voters turned out.

In the broader election, Keir Starmer’s Labour Party won a majority, ending 14 years of Conservative rule. Keir Starmer is set to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Source: ndtv