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AI Tool Predicts Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects

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Researchers say a new technology using artificial intelligence (AI) might help doctors foresee side effects in breast cancer patients undergoing surgery or radiotherapy.

They’re hopeful this technology can lead to more personalized care for patients.

Side effects from treatment like scarring, skin changes, heart damage from radiation, and arm swelling can impact patients’ lives, according to Dr. Tim Rattay, a breast surgeon at the University of Leicester.

AI Tool Predicts Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects
By PA News Agency

The team is creating an AI tool to inform doctors and patients about the risk of chronic arm swelling after treatment.

This AI has been trained using data from thousands of breast cancer patients to predict arm swelling up to three years after surgery and radiotherapy.

If successful, doctors could offer additional support to patients at higher risk of arm swelling, like wearing an arm compression sleeve during treatment.

Dr. Guido Bologna, a co-investigator, explained that the AI considers various patient and treatment factors to make predictions.

The AI tool is designed to explain its reasoning, making it easier for doctors to understand and explain to patients.

This technology will be tested in a clinical trial called the PRE-ACT project, starting recruitment by the end of the year in the UK, France, and the Netherlands.

The aim is to enroll 780 patients by early 2026 and follow them for two years.

Researchers are also working to expand the AI’s capabilities to predict other side effects like skin and heart damage.

Dr. Simon Vincent from Breast Cancer Now emphasizes the need for research to improve breast cancer treatments. He hopes this project will lead to more personalized care and support for patients, but stresses that more evidence is needed before the AI tool can be widely used in medical settings.

Source: Independent