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Meta’s New AI Annoying Users with Unwanted Suggestions

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Meta, a big tech company, wanted to join the AI game, but some users aren’t happy about it. The company recently announced its Meta AI assistant, which it plans to roll out in twelve countries across all its platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. However, since the announcement, users have been complaining about the assistant flooding their feeds.

The AI assistant is supposed to help users with various tasks like searching, chatting, and even generating images faster. But many people using Meta’s social media apps find it annoying rather than helpful.

For instance, Michael Taylor shared his frustration on Instagram, saying the search function got worse because of Meta’s AI. He mentioned trying to look up a band’s name and not needing suggestions. Similarly, Makay expressed her annoyance, stating she just wanted to search on Instagram, not talk to an AI.

When users asked if there was a way to turn off the AI assistant, they were told there wasn’t a formal method yet. While Meta suggests using the search bar instead, some users still find the constant AI suggestions intrusive.

Source: QZ