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Air Force Plans Discussions on Using Gen AI with Industry

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The Department of the Air Force wants to talk with businesses and universities about using a type of smart technology called generative artificial intelligence (AI). They’re planning three meetings in the next few months. One will be with small companies, another with big ones, and the third with universities.

They’re interested in lots of things about generative AI, like how to use it responsibly and how to teach Air and Space Force people to use it well. Generative AI is a special kind of AI that can make things like text, music, and pictures based on what it’s learned.

The Pentagon, where the Air Force is, started looking into generative AI last year through a special group called Task Force Lima. The Air Force has used other types of AI before, but some leaders weren’t sure about this one for military stuff. They’ve asked smart people to study it and figure out if it’s useful.

The Air Force is thinking about four main things for these talks: using generative AI responsibly, how to start using it quickly, teaching their people about it, and what kinds of things it could do, from everyday stuff to really new things.

They’re asking big companies, small ones, and universities to send in their ideas about generative AI by certain dates in May.

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