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Amazon Q: The AI Tool for Work Queries and Code Writing

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If you work in places like Accenture, GitLab, GoDaddy, Sun Life, Traeger Grills, Toyota, or Wiz, you can now use a special AI assistant. It’s called Amazon Q. This AI helps with questions about work and even writes code.

Amazon Q is part of a trend where AI tools become helpers at work. Many people already use similar tools at home. But now, about 30% use them at work too, for things like brainstorming or making presentations.

Recently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced Amazon Q Business. It’s like a smart assistant for business tasks and coding.

With Amazon Q, employees can ask questions about work policies or products. It searches through company documents and systems to find answers. This saves a lot of time for employees.

Amazon Q can also help build custom AI apps. Even if you don’t know how to code, you can describe what you need, and Q Apps will create it for you.

For developers, Amazon Q is a big help too. It can write code, test it, and even debug it. This saves developers time so they can focus on more important tasks.

Overall, Amazon Q is making work easier and faster for many companies.

Source: CNET